Stop talking loudly.

Kurt plans to call you right after lunch.

Betsy said he was going hunting.

Her job was to see the children safely across the street.

It is clear that he is at home.

Things can happen very quickly.

Should this happen again, call me.

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Do you know what will happen?

Carla, the singer, has a great voice.

Anthony heard Dennis play the piano not too long ago.


He's fading away.

That was my first guess.

This paper does not absorb ink.

He has always devoted himself to music.

Will she live?

Norma became depressed after Tandy left him.

Who exactly is Annie?


You are right, after all.

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London's squares are wonderful.

The world around you is ... just a little kinder ... even more than you think.

Clarissa wears thick-rimmed glasses.


His house is there on the right.

He's afraid that he might be late.

Why don't I stay with them?

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The city was fortified all about.

They would have visited the Eiffel Tower.

Did it snow last night?

I'm placing you under arrest.

Sarah caught the ball.

They have a desire to be wealthy.

When will you be online?

Every time they talk, they argue.

It's slow as shit.

I don't want to interrupt Sunil while he's speaking.

Donate what you're willing to donate.


You fixed it, didn't you?

I have hardly any money left.

You may change your mind in a couple of weeks.

Konrad is all worked up.

I recommend it.

I really hope that doesn't happen.

Did you say it was teatime, Anne?

He has such coarse manners!

Milner often calls Rudolph.

Laurel doesn't like to talk about that.

Margarita is making a margherita pizza while drinking margaritas.

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I have to go to work now.

Well I'll be darned!

All my friends call me Ann.

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Mechael knows something that he's not telling us.

Hold your horses.

This forest is full of diversity.

We were just having fun.

Mrs Ogawa is familiar with this neighbourhood.

You can't see gas; it's invisible.

How many thousands who have drained the voluptuous bowl of pleasure to the dregs have been reclaimed by suffering!


When pressure is lower, the boiling point is lower.


My boyfriend still doesn't know my parents.

He doesn't like sports. Me neither.

The two sisters became more and more famous.

How late is the bank open?

She's materialistic and vain.


I take my vodka straight.

Who'd believe your story?

He is quick to adapt to new circumstances.


I told them I'd help.

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Please tell me you didn't actually do it.


Are you sure you don't want to go swimming with us?

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My father made me what I am.


We have fried goose with potatoes.

When I was in college, I could forget to bring my music player or my camera and still be ok. These days, if I forget my smartphone, I'm screwed!

She must visit England this summer.

Mixing ammonia and bleach is dangerous.

Once you get used to electronic media, you can no longer do without them.


Maarten was rushed to a local hospital.

Such beauty as hers is rare.

We talked in a low voice so as not to wake the baby.

He is just a Mr Nobody.

I need to find a new hiding place.

Michiel kisses his child a hundred times a day.

There's something we could do.

Thanks for everything.

To tell the truth, I don't really care.

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The hostile army began to attack.


The speaker was so well-known as to need no introduction.

He awoke to find himself lying on the bed in the hospital.

He once owned a lot of land.

I'm sure Erick wouldn't mind.

Worry affected his health.

One is one's own worst enemy.

Will you go on foot or by bus?

I can't believe I'm agreeing to this.

Does Charleen have to be here?

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So, is your brother white?

Pria has just asked me out.

We both know you don't belong here.

Velvet pants are out of style.

I never told anybody about it, I swear.

The sun is just setting.

He is the only person that I known who is equal to the task.

Kieran was the one who helped me with my homework.

Lately I can't seem to be able to stop drawing stoats.

"What?" Pharamp asked. "Nothing," Sysko lied, "we were talking about the effect of Confucianism on modern Chinese socialism."

I have no idea where Hughes and Hohn are.

I remember reading the book three times when I was young.

We should leave Kari alone.

He is not as fat as he was.

You're going to be a beautiful bride.

Calvin is the only person Jackye can trust.

Do you drink coffee every day?

If I had a choice, I probably wouldn't be doing this.

The fruiting season for the cherry trees is from June to July.

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What do you want me to carry?


Suddenly the horse began to run about wildly.


The fire was so intense that the firemen couldn't get into the house.

I've wanted to meet you for a long time.

Yeah. I think I can live with that.


Mikael won first prize in the speech contest.

Milo is volunteering to help.

I'm going to see a horror film.

Your hands are pretty.

Don't forget your ice skates.

The men are searching for the Fountain of Youth.

People will buy anything.


The Socialist Party only got 18% of the votes.

She does what she wants.

Is your watch working?

We were disappointed because we could not carry out our plan.

I can't imagine doing that.

Why don't we just be on our way?

Bertrand reminded us to do our homework.

Rich told me to get out.

I have an apple.

I'd like to sign up for the track team.

I hope to finish soon.

You were considerate not to disturb us.

The doors on the left side will open.


The actor had a dispute with his director.

I saw something strange in the sky.

The political situation has changed.


They parted, never to see each other again.

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Part's father died in 2013.

Corey tried to reassure his wife.

We met at a certain place in the city.

Maybe I should've told Gregor.

Why is my cat attacking my bathrobe?


Do you have a brother?

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Angela is very mad at Naomi.

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Spy is a dedicated family man.

It's difficult to evaluate his ability.

Who knows where Terry went?

It's hard to live without a house.

The chain of crimes are thought to have been committed by the same man.

Lynnette is a better driver than me.

After authenticating,this people's ideology is not healthy.

It made us happy.

It's filled with stories from last summer.


Kusum still didn't speak.

I can't understand how can you imitate him so exactly.

As it's your birthday, we're going to sing you a song.

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I'm out of money.

This book is too difficult to understand.

I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Jerrie is fighting in the street.

The global economy is spiraling downwards.